Annual Calendar

M.C.I.S. CALENDAR FOR 2017 – 2018

Meetings held on first Tuesday of the Month except November



5th. Sept Preparation of Soft food for Forthcoming Breeding Season
5th. Sept Committee Meeting 6.30 PM Start
3rd  Oct Weaning and feeding young birds – Draw for Melbourne Cup Sweep.
14th Nov Discussion on bird room management  Announce winners of Cup sweep.
5th.Dec 1st Young Stock Show & Christmas Social Family night.


2nd. Jan 2nd Young Stock Show. Talk on moulting.
6th. Feb 3rd Young Stock Show. Show training & preparation.
6th. Mar 4th Young Stock Show. Classification
3rd Apr. 5th Young Stock Show. Talk & showing of Lipochromes, Nosiacs
3rd April Committee Meeting 6.30 PM Start.
28th April Annual Young Bird Championship & Bird Sale 
1 st. May Novice any variety show. Novice Training Session
22 nd May Combined Canary Exhibition (To Be Confirmed)
5th. June Guest Vet Talk and discussion for Open Heavy Variegated
3 rd July Talk on Frills and Rollers
7th. Aug 2018 Annual General Meeting